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Approximately 8 years ago, I purchased my first GoPro and ever since then my passion for photography has grown. Throughout all the advancements in technology over the years, I have graduated from a Gopro and moved on to a Full Frame Sony a7Rii. As my passion grows, I continue to perfect my skill set and knowledge of photography every day.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, I have always loved being out on the water either; fishing, boating or wakeboarding. Having the ability to mix in my obsession of photography with my other hobbies has driven my desire to increase both my skill level and expertise tremendously. Because of this, I have been given the opportunity to photograph and fish for some of the biggest local companies in South Florida: SeaHunter and SA Company.

These companies have given me the opportunity to grow their business by allowing me to help create content for their marketing campaigns and social media accounts, in turn generating tremendous exposure for my photography. Now, as I start to see a demand for my photography, I have made myself available to do freelance work for people all over the world. 


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